The Holistic Sanctuary

We cure heroin dependency at The Holistic Sanctuary through a existent sanative group. This most late addiction-healing method uses plant-based medicine, Ibogaine, Ayahuasca, staunch cells and additional unbleached resources to set and rebuild the design and improve your embody and feeling. It provides comely oxygen and nutrients and offers confirming approval for a thorough therapeutic.

Johnny the Healer

To rebuild your intelligence and design, you’ll endure a high-dose vitamin IV therapy and group acids IV drips. These are necessary for resetting your wit.

For cell reparation and melioration, we complete Hyperbaric Gas Therapy. And to furnish your cells with the vital nutrients they require to touch right, we give arctic pressed fertilizer humor to clean your total embody.

But these aren’t the only treatments that can cure heroin habituation at The Holistic Sanctuary. We also engage one-on-one therapy for 6 hours apiece day. That’s a unconditional of 120 hours per month.